City Canopy is working to increase the coverage of healthy urban forests in towns and cities – to provide shade and local cooling, improve aesthetics and local amenity, promote health and wellbeing and many other benefits. We will do this by producing practical, more sustainable solutions, working with the community and government to implement green space initiatives and urban forest improvements in and around homes, offices, streets and parks.

What is an Urban Forest?

An urban forest comprises all green spaces in cities and towns such as the trees and other vegetation on public and private land, including the soil and water that supports it. It incorporates vegetation in streets, public open spaces, river and creek embankments, wetlands, community and home gardens, walls, balconies and roofs.

City Canopy Consults to;

Urban Forestry Perth, biodiversityState and Local Government

Business and IndustryBusiness and Industry

Home Owners, biodiversityHome Owners

Community Groups and Educational InstitutionsCommunity and Educational

“To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, and to live as people, we must have trees.”

Theodore Roosevelt