Community and Education

City Canopy - Nature play, community tree planting

Working with Community Groups and Educational Institutions to provide:

  • Workshop activities for community gardeners
  • Plant nursery and organic garden establishment in schools
  • Tree care, tree pruning workshops
  • Nature play activities for schools
  • Tree planting days for community groups, schools ‘Trees for Tomorrow’
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Planting trees for sustainable design (Cool Your School)

City Canopy can help with;

  • Providing advice on suitable local and exotic species that can be used to
    1. Improve biodiversity
    2. Impede the spread of fire
    3. Maximize shade and cool streets and homes
    4. Tolerate periods of drought
  • Sustainable uses of water and energy, through climate sensible designs

If you represent a community group or educational institution and are seeking advice on the above matters, please contact us.